Fixing The PS3 Yellow Light Of Death

January 12, 2014 11:48 am

There is only one best solution Fixing The PS3 Yellow Light Of Death is DIY with the PS3 Repair Guide.

When a technical fault or error first occurs on an electronics platform, especially gaming platforms where you have large communities of dedicated users, there is always a lot of hype and confusion as to the cause of the problem. Upon first hearing about the “YLOD” error various hypothesis were mooted, and a lot of disinformation was spread.

One of the most common theories was that the yellow light is caused by a hard drive error. Be it corruption of the hard drive, an actual physical failure of the drive itself, or a software glitch on the drive, many were convinced that this was the “root of all PS3 evil.” Of course this theory was soon abandoned when it was discovered that replacing the supposedly faulty drive with a new unit actually did nothing to solve the problem; it merely lightened your wallet significantly.

According to Wikipedia “the yellow light indicates a non-specific hardware failure which renders the system unusable.” 1. This is handy to know, but at the same time doesn’t really tell us anything- so what exactly does cause the YLOD?

Basically if your console is bricked and won’t restart after being allowed to cool down and then a hard reboot then the solder joints between the motherboard and either the processor or the RSX graphics card are likely “fried”. 2. It is a thermal/heat stress related issue that is caused by protracted cycles of heating then cooling that occur when you use your console. Therefore another frequently quoted theory that the yellow light of death is caused by overheating is at least partially correct; it’s overheating that has actually seriously damaged your PlayStation 3 motherboard.

Certain models are far more prone to heat stress and build up inside the console, and the error is much more frequently reported on older generation consoles. Very few, if any, cases of the yellow light error on the PS3 slim have been reported as Sony have responded well to complaints about the problem, and the new PS3 runs at a more stable operating temperature. Still, this is all a bit “academic” if your PlayStation console has decided to pack up and not function correctly.

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